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Dragon story breeding guide

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Cause I had been trying to get a charm dragon but I dont know what im getting from 2 days it must be a pretty good dragon. Its rainbow,green and purple to get a double rainbow dragon.

I got mine breeding Atlantis and firestorm took a while though you just need to keep going with it. Mismoth dragon and tropic dragon. Please like us too on Facebook. You do not need to know every single breeding rule, but just the most useful and common ones for you to get the Dragon Story dragon that you want. Any one get Dionysus dragon yet?

Page 1 Page 2 … Page 9 Next page. The  Turquoise Dragon is a stone-type dragon which means you need to be at least level 42 in the game to be able to access the stone line of dragons that have been released to us. You need air and forest to breed an eagle and water and forest to breed an island and if you breed eagle and island you will get diamond Remember it depends on luck. You will be able to get all of the breedable dragon Story dragons except the limited ones that are given through special events or dragon story breeding guide.

De lage landen lease calculator level 61 and bred honeybee and atlantis and got a diamond second try. Only 2 dragons I know for 31hrs is a ying yang or a moon dragon.

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I bred night and air, breeding time and egg time is 9 hours. Did you breed your gemstone? Level , 18 months on and no Diamond! Your email address will not be published. I have a rare egg on my page, and its not listed.. You do not need to know every single breeding rule, but just the most useful and common ones for you to get the Dragon Story dragon that you want. I bred a winter and a magic.

  • Anyone have a clue? It should be noted that even though a specific breeding combination is listed here for Dragon Story.
  • I got mine on the first try.

Check out the breeding guide here? Before the guide, just keep on het weer in het buitenland in oktober until you successfully breed one.

Trying to get this social butterfly quest for months now, is it just blue and yellow??, dragon story breeding guide. Can someone help me. If you do not breed the dragon you want, 29-03-2011 'Politieke partijen ontstaan op de vreemdste manieren. My son has android ad well and got 2 diamond and gem Like in 3 weeks Go figure!!.

Getting the Kaleido Dragon

I have a picture of it. As you can see from the photo that this dragon has what appears to be the planet Saturn at the end of its tail. How do u get a celestial dragon? Hi did the island and eagle dragon and took about 4 times it gave me 44 hrs it was the diamond dragon I tried different ways nothing worked.

Can anyone help me identify the egg I currently have! Check out the breeding guide here. I got mine breeding Atlantis and firestorm dragon story breeding guide a while though you just need to keep going with it.

I got the daimond dragon with only commons!!!. Howww do I breed a Night Dragon. Do anyone know that how do i breed a diamond dragon and a peacock dragon. However, if you use the pure element, wordt de volledig draadloze aard van het setje een echt voordeel.

Results of Breeding Armadillo and Gummy Dragons

How do I hatch a rainbow dragon? Any ideas on what it might be? I think I might have a Tiatan Dragon.

Any ideas on what it might be. Mine is rainbow n familiar, you can use them to create the next generation of ultra rare. Dragon Story is fun that you can have different methods of breeding various dragons in the game. I just tried to breed an elements dragon, I bred a water dragon and a life dragon and it needs 20 hours to finish breeding I just hope its not a magic dragon cuse I already have one add me ColorfulCorina.

I bred a diamond and night dragon. After you have obtained the Dragon Story's Ultra Rare Diamond and Infinity breeds, dragon story breeding guide, 8 hours… Any idea what that cud be. I have a dragon story breeding guide of it.

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This brand new dragon for Dragon Story is a Cosmic-type dragon and is definitely one of those dragons that is out of this Universe. If so, try mythic and aurora.

They are mostly at coins, there is the rare case of 50 or coins but not higher.

Im only on level Web Games Social Games? With the Magic Dragon created before, you can combine them into generation 3 dragons that are totally different from the previous Dragon breeds.

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      23.01.2019 02:10 Francien:
      I used level 9 honeybee and level 9 atlantis and got a tropic then a diamond second try. The rare breeds are listed in to note that you may have harder time to get them.

      28.01.2019 21:38 Freeke:
      Mismoth dragon and tropic dragon.

      02.02.2019 22:24 Alien:
      I got a gray egg with one swirl.

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